About Budget Cleaners - Est. 2012

Our reputation and transparent work ethics ensures your Peace of mind. We believe in building a relationship, with our clients based on trust and mutual understanding. 
We are your eyes and ears, locally, looking after your property while you are hundreds of kilometres away, we would like you to rest assured that your property is in good hands and that any problems that may occur will be handled efficiently and cost effectively.
All cleaning staff are highly trained to ISO9001 standards, screened and uniformed. 
Cleaners are provided with SABS approved, environmentally friendly, equipment and chemicals to perform their duties. 
All services provided is checked by Supervisors and re-checked by Area Managers, to ensure the highest possible standard of cleaning. 
All cleaning staff attend regular “refresher” training sessions to keep them on par and to introduce any new cleaning methods and trends that arise within the industry. 


Security and Procedures:
Our cleaners never handle alarms codes, remotes, etc. Area Managers are trained to work with alarms and remotes. Keys are kept in a locked cupboard in our office and only one Area Manager has keys to the Key cupboard, to ensure, secure key management. Although our cleaners are highly trained individuals, we believe that checking on cleaning, reporting of maintenance issues and inventories checks must be done by specially trained Supervisors and re-checked by Area Managers. 
We want our clients to know that their property and belongings are safe with us.

Daily Maids/ Housekeepers/ Nannies: 
Budget Cleaners can provide trained Nannies/ Housekeepers or Daily Maids should you require this service periodically or for the duration of their stay. 
Please refer to our Price schedule for the tariffs on this service. 
All Housekeepers/ Daily Maids/ Nannies work from 09h00 to 15h00, or as per agreement. Cleaners do not work on Sundays or Public holidays. However, should the service is requested by clients on these days, it will be calculated at double the standard rate. 
Budget Cleaners can provide cleaning equipment and/or chemicals for this service or you may use your own, if you elect not to use our chemicals and equipment, it is the client’s responsibility to supply his preferred cleaning equipment and material/chemicals to the cleaning staff.
We at Budget Cleaners want to assure our clients that we endeavour to provide the best possible quality of service. Our staff members are highly trained to ISO9001 standards, who must always be professional in their conduct with all clients.

We at Budget Cleaners will only be responsible for the cleaning and cleaning related activities at the premises. Should there be a call out to the premises for any other reason than cleaning (eg. alarms, burst geysers or pipes, blocked drains, or contractors who need to work at the premises, pest control, etc.) a callout charge of R150.00 will be added to the monthly invoice. 
Clients will be invoiced per service for each service performed. Clients are billed monthly, the invoice will be sent on the 20th of each month and payment must be made no later than the 25th of each month unless prior arrangements have been made with the Accounts Department. 
Please pay account promptly we are a labour intense company. 
No keys will be handed to contractors without authorization from owners. 
We regard security as crucial, and we will send maintenance / breakage reports to owners after every departure, weekly or monthly service detailing any damages, security risks, breakages ect.